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      About us

      Chaoyang Duo Yuan Alloy Casting Co., Ltd. Was located at the foot of the famous and beautiful Taohua mountain, where in the 534 km place of 101 national highway. It has the Jinzhou -Chifeng highway and Beijing - Siping highway intercross north and south.
      The company has fixed assets of 120 million Yuan, ,which covered an area of 100,000 square meters, has three plants, and 10 departments. Our company together with famous high school train developing talent, invite well –know experts and scholars from university to do training for the management and technical staff . we are a professional Foundry Group with research and development, manufacturing, marketing mining machinery parts, construction machinery parts, engineering machinery parts and wear-resistant,heat-resistant,anti-corrosion steel castings.
      The Annual production capacity is 28,000 tons, with a water glass sand, resin sand, vacuum solid casting, V-method casting and other production lines and large-scale environment-friendly heat treatment workshop.

      The company passed the ISO9001-2000 standard and obtained Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certification in 2001. The Duoyuan Brand high manganese steel casting was awarded with "Liaoning Province Famous Product" in 2005. The main products includes: wearing castings and alloy castings for crushers, kilns, mills, grate coolers, single-barrel coolers, elevators and conveyors. Alloy balls, forged pieces and etc.. They are mainly used in construction, metallurgy, mining, power and chemical industries. The products were sold all over China and exported to the U. S. Germany, the U.K., Italy, Finland, Japan, Australia and some countries in Southeast Asia, namely, all over of the world.
      For the past twenty years, we have insisted on the management idea of "People oriented, science and technology innovation, good faith and keeping promise, and customer first", made our efforts to recommend our first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class service , first-class products to customers.
      Management Idea

      Follow the spirit of development of demand, cooperation, trust and dependence, ?hard work creates value
      Better serve customers and won the customer trust, business development and social rewards.

      International Exchange
      At present,our products are sold to the USA,Germany, UK,Italy,Finland,Japan,Australia,Russia,Southest Asia,and other Countries,technical communication are more frequency.
      • Contact us
      • Add:Taohuatu Town Shuangta District Chaoyang City
      • Tel:+86-421-5703588    
      • Fax:0421-5703728
      • E-mail:sales@dyhjcn.com

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